Buxton's, Gyte's and Baguley's of Buxtons

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Buxton's, Gyte's and Baguley's of Buxtons Empty Buxton's, Gyte's and Baguley's of Buxtons

Post by AlwaysAR on Sat Jul 26, 2008 12:44 am

pale I am having difficulties in finding a link between my family and the gravestones in St. Annes Churchyard of Thomas Buxton and Samuel Buxton (Doctor and Surgeon). I am told that my great grandmother tended these graves on a regular basis due to being family.

If anyone has any information on the following people I would be extremely grateful. Neutral

As per Gravestones:
Samuel Buxton, Doctor, born circa 1747, died 2 Aug 1826
Thomas Buxton (son of above), Surgeon, born circ 1785, died 17 May 1843 married to Mary

My research
George Buxton, Labourer, born circa 1782 (don't know whether brother to Thomas???)
Ann Buxton (daughter), born 21 Jun 1815, married William Gyte 2 March 1846, died 19 April 1902 (Attendees at the wedding were David Clayton and Sarah Baguley).

The Baguley's of the Wheatsheaf Pub are also linked into my research through Mary Ann Baguley's marriage to William Buxton (Ann's brother).

Any help would be gratefully received as I am currently going round in circles. drunken




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