My latest visit to Buxton - December 2010

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My latest visit to Buxton - December 2010 Empty My latest visit to Buxton - December 2010

Post by Selwyn on Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:32 pm

Hello everyone!

On a recent visit to England to visit family in London, I again took the opportunity to visit my old war-time home and friends in Buxton. This time I came well-prepared with digital camera and went round town with my sister and my wife, visiting and filming in brief video clips all the major places I remember so well from my childhood - including the two "little" girls who shared that childhood with me (they appear in the last clip).

All the clips are on You-Tube and you can see them using the following link (below).

I am still waiting for someone (apart from Eileen and Pauline) to take up their pen (or keyboard) and write to e-mail address is; I would be happy to hear from you!
This is the link to my you-tube site where all the clips are located (together with my other, unrelated, clips). Apart from the introduction they are all numbered:

Hope you enjoy them
Keep well and stay in touch!

Selwyn Rose


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